Warhammer Online fans manage to resurrect scrapped towns

In 2013, developer Mythic Entertainment shut down Warhammer Online after the end of its license agreement with Games Workshop. The move was a big disappointment for fans, but eight years later, the game lives on. The return of accounts. For those who don’t know The return of accounts, it’s a Warhammer Online free private server. The developers have been working to keep everything available when the game closed, and now they’ve even resurrected the towns of Karaz-A-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks. The two capitals were offered as part of the Warhammer Online beta, but were dropped by Mythic Entertainment prior to release.

A video showcasing the new areas can be found below.

The new towns apparently made it difficult for some players to get into the game, but these server issues have been addressed. The return of accounts has built up a large and loyal following, and there has clearly been a lot of interest in the return of these towns. Karaz-A-Karak is a hometown of the Dwarves, while Karak Eight Peaks is the hometown of the Greenskin. Cities are made up of upper levels that were built from the original assets, while lower levels were built from scratch. The developers then added creatures, quests, and more. According to the game’s website, volunteers “have devoted (tens) thousands of hours to building these cities.” On Twitter, the developers called it “a massive achievement for our team and our community.”

Unfortunately, fan projects like this can sometimes result in takedown notices from the IP owner. This has not yet been the case for The return of accounts, despite the fact that the waiter received a lot of attention. The game costs nothing, and all the efforts of the developers are made out of passion. Hopefully this is still enough to make sure the server is licensed long into the future. Readers interested in learning more about The return of accounts can check out the game’s website here.

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