The 53rd annual Kimball Arts Festival returns next week

Every first weekend in August, Park City’s Main Street transforms from a bustling thoroughfare filled with cars into a bustling street fair filled with art.

The Kimball Arts Festival takes place on Friday August 5the until Sunday August 7e with artists from 28 states and three countries. The festival includes food trucks, live music and craft tasting tents.

The first night is free for locals. Pre-registration is required for this – there will be no free tickets handed out at the gates.

Kimball Arts Center executive director Aldy Milliken said this year will feature more new artists than previous years.

“We have 185 unique artists, 10 emerging artists, we have 14 local artists, which is about 7% of the whole fair,” he said. “And then we have rookie artists: 54. So there’s a lot of new artists and new work to see. That’s something we heard from our audience last year is that we really want more new works to be able to enjoy it.

Milliken says it takes months to go through the process of selecting artists for the fair.

“So the artists submit to our staff and our jury, and then they are checked. It’s probably over 1,000 artists that we’re looking at, and it’s pretty amazing, it’s 13 unique media,” he said. “And so we have a committee looking at all the things – it takes a long time. And then, and then the artists are chosen and then we have a waiting list if someone can’t be there.

Megan A. McIntire owns the Summit Gallery on lower Main Street. His gallery has two artists participating in this year’s festival. She says it’s always a highly anticipated night for the arts community.

“I think it’s a really fun opportunity. I think it brings a lot of energy to the street and Park City is such an art-centric community,” he said. “And so to have this big event where everyone can participate with local artists and artists from all over the United States, I think it’s just a very fun energetic event for the city.

The artistic scene is the main actor of the festival; the music is the supporting cast. There are two stages this year. One is on Heber Avenue and the other is up Main Street in the Wasatch Brew Pub parking lot.

The main street will be closed to vehicles. Parking is limited at China Bridge. Bicycles and public transport are highly recommended.

Festival tickets are $10 per person per day. Children 5-17 are $5.

To pre-register for the free night tour of the local

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