Steven Slotow arrives in the United States to provide essential support

Steven Slotow, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Global, is officially moving to Los Angeles, USA.

Recognition that the North American market requires more hands-on contact time with the Globital team prompted the decision to move Slotow to the United States permanently.

The change to bring Globital’s CRO to the United States will add real value in terms of relationships and support structure for the North American and Canadian markets, which are rapidly engaging with more and more of Globital’s services.

Steven Slotow, Support Champion and CRO, is the voice of conversion optimization at Globital. Slotow has been an incredibly vital part of the management team for many years now and his contributions have enhanced the Globital customer experience in terms of partnership, security and overall balance.

“Global is a overall company and based on the extensive research we have done and the understanding of the need surrounding the support of digital agencies, we recognize that the United States of America is a region in which we need to foster a much closer relationship,” explains Slotow when discussing the motivation behind the move.

“At Globital, we are proud to become a true partner for our customers, a partner who acts as a natural extension of their team. As such, we have made the executive decision to bring an immediate presence to the region through this relocation, allowing for more contact and time zone engagement.

Slotow emphasizes the importance of providing the right resources to achieve this relationship dynamic with Globital’s customers: “We have come to the conclusion that there is no better way to reinvigorate the momentum we have with the markets. North American and Canadian than to provide leadership support in the region, ensuring not only that the market is better facilitated, but also that the priorities of our customers are fully approved. Slotow will be based in Los Angeles on the West Coast and is well positioned to better support agencies across the United States and Canada with this relocation.

Damian Papworth, CEO and fearless leader of Globital, is both the voice of innovation and business security for all of his clients. Thanks to the vision and inspired philosophies provided by the leadership of Globital, many companies have been able to find a true resource partner that they can rely on. More than that, Globital places the support and expert knowledge of its customers at the top of everything they do.

“In order to fulfill the commitment we have made to our customers, we have made the decision to transfer one of our senior managers to the United States. This move will allow us to fully focus on the North American market and be physically present for digital agency support,” explains Papworth.

Papworth goes on to say, “We want to be the best SEO reseller company in the industry and to achieve that, we go beyond simply offering services to our clients. Real support is needed on top of our full-service infrastructure, and that’s why this move is so important to us.

“As an SEO outsourcing company, we not only offer service functions such as our white label SEO copywriting, but also the insight and development needed to keep pace with a changing and active market. We let’s change the way marketing and digital agencies grow and operate.” Papworth outlines the strategy behind this move that will better engage this region and therefore elevate the support that Globital offers to the North American market.

If we reconcile this decision by Globalital with the statistics for the North American market share, it becomes clear that this decision makes sense on several levels. According to a report provided by“The North America digital advertising market is expected to grow 8.05% annually over the forecast period and reach $333.5 billion by 2031, driven by advances in technology, increasing digital advertising spending, the growth of internet users, and the prevalence of mobile phones and digital media across the region.”

“The shift from traditional media to digital media has had the most significant impact on the industry to date. With ever-increasing internet penetration and the expansion of digital content across the continent, marketers are now allocating higher budgets than ever to digital platforms, making digital advertising a multi-billion dollar industry. dollars. – Statista Research Department.

This trend can be found in several areas of digital marketing. According to a Grand View Search: “The global digital marketing software market size was valued at USD 56.52 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.1% from 2022 to 2030. The COVID Outbreak -19, which has triggered a paradigm shift in the way individuals use different applications, has had a positive impact on the growth of the market. The report reveals that app development and advertising setups, in particular, are developing an improvement in the scope of their capabilities as well as the level of transparency and accountability that this sector can provide.

The Globital offering is a white label digital marketing service that is relevant to the many different agencies supporting global and US businesses, including web development firms, digital marketing firms, graphic designers, PR agencies , computer companies and printing and signage companies.

Even for companies in these niches that do not currently offer the services supported by Globital, the infrastructure is simple to implement and the cost structure ensures that gross profit will be made on the first customer served.

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