SMC is organizing a five-day workshop in collaboration with the Premji Azim Foundation for all ZRPs in the city of Srinagar

Srinagar March 22;(KNS) After the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between SMC and Premji Azim Foundation and Praja Foundation which aims to enhance citizen participation through an improved e-governance system in Srinagar and capacity building programs for councilors and administration and improve the education system, Azim premji foundation in collaboration with SMC organized today 5 day workshop for capacity building of all zonal resource persons in Srinagar city.

SMC Commissioner, Mr. Athar Amir Khan, who was the guest of honor on the occasion, officially opened the five-day workshop and said that this training session is imperative and will endeavor to improve the education scenario in all SMC schools and the ongoing professional development of teachers and administrative leadership.

The commissioner said at the time that all ZRPs should make maximum use of this five-day training to impart educational skills to

people so that they can further develop and shape their personality.

Co-Commissioner Adm Syed Abul Qasim, while officially welcoming the gathering, opened the introductory session.

Mr. Bijoy Shankar Das from Azim Premji Foundation said in his lecture that the objective of this session is to know the meaning and

Understanding the meaning of education from different perspectives/schools of thought/educational thinkers.

Other representatives of the Azim Premji Foundation who gave lectures on this occasion were Vikas Chandra Roy, Mrs. Jwaria Saleem and Mr. Ti Rang Rang Sanamie.

SMC Secretary, Mr. Mudasir Hussain Famda said on the occasion that this training session will be very beneficial and will transform urban governance and primary education in Srinagar. (KNS)

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