Siloam Springs City Council approves master plan for streets and sidewalks

City directors discussed and approved resolution 48-21 concerning the master plan for the maintenance and repair of streets and sidewalks at the city council meeting on Tuesday.

The plan was initially adopted in 2018, but must be presented to the board every three years for adoption by resolution, according to a staff report prepared by Director of Public Works Steve Gorszczyk on September 13.

City managers unanimously approved the resolution after a period of board commentary.

Originally placed on the consent agenda, the resolution was withdrawn by Director David Allen.

Allen said he removed the item because, while reviewing the list of streets to work on, he noticed that Dawn Hill Road was not on the list.

“We have Oakcrest here, but a lot of people have come forward about Dawn Hill needing to be expanded, and is that part of the upkeep or a future street?” Allen said.

During the July 6 city council meeting, several county residents raised concerns with city managers about resolution 32-21 regarding a proposed subdivision to be built on Oakcrest Road. Resolution 32-21 was approved 6-1, Allen voting no.

City managers held a master plan workshop on September 7. Feedback has been positive and no changes have been made to the plan, the report says.

Allen said he didn’t realize the workshop was the only time to ask questions.

“I don’t think a city council workshop equates to a public meeting,” Allen said.

Allen said the city is holding public meetings on cycle lanes and full plans, but does not have meetings to address streets and sidewalks. He also said that the master plan had not been revised since its adoption in 2018.

City administrator Phillip Patterson told Allen the master plan was just a way to identify the condition of the asphalt on the road and to cover and improve the condition of the asphalt.

Patterson went on to say that street reconstructions or major improvement projects are budget determinations and if an emergency were to occur, it would take priority over the master plan.

“There are threats that happen sometimes, whether it’s flooding or something that needs to make a difference as well,” Patterson said. “So there has to be some fluidity.”

Director Mindy Hunt said she disagreed with Allen, saying the master plan has changed somewhat and cited moving maintenance work on Villa View Drive from 2021 to 2022.

Allen agreed that Villa View needs to be worked on saying the width is not up to date and is hoping the city plans to expand it.

Gorszczyk said he believes the street will be widened a bit.

“It will only be two or three feet, but that was to accommodate the sidewalk and the gutter that was going to be on the south side where the side path will go,” Gorszczyk said.

City managers also approved the following:

Consent agenda

• Report of the September 7th workshop.

• Minutes of the regular meeting of September 7th.

• Audit services for 2021-2023 of Landmark CPAs in the amount of $ 181,500.

• Resolution 46-21 concerning a special use development permit for 882 Lincoln Street South.

• Resolution 47-21 concerning the authorization of the rate and property tax for 2021 to be collected in 2022.

• Tank repairs by Ellingson Contracting in the amount of $ 59,796.

Contracts and approvals

• Budget modification to the 2021 Capital Budget for the purchase of a used concrete truck. The amount of the truck will vary between $ 20,000 and $ 24,000 for a 1999-2005 model truck.


• File Ordinance 21-19 concerning the rezoning of 4171, route 412 East from A-1 (Agriculture) to C-2 (Commercial Road) for second and third readings, then proceed to a separate vote to adopt the ordinance.

Staff reports

• Administrator’s report.

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