She brings fiberglass sculptures to life

When artist Shilpa Surana discovered her passion after getting married, she was quick enough to align it with purpose. It was her passion that prompted her to pursue Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts from Andhra University after her marriage.

Although she forayed into the creative world later in life, she quickly grasped the nuances of art. “I was fortunate to be taught by the late Ravi Shankar Patnaik, Head of Fine Arts Department at UA. He encouraged me to chart my area of ​​interest which turned out to be sculpture” , shares Shilpa with the Womenia.

Of all, fiberglass sculptures dominate his works. A number of them depict different stages of Vardhamana Mahavira, a maiden sitting cross-legged, pigeons followed by a pile of murals. “All of them were created from my imagination. Sometimes when I meditate, I have a good idea of ​​what theme to work on next,” says Shilpa.

After her recent participation in the ‘India Art Festival’ exhibition held in New Delhi, Shilpa said, “It was a great learning experience where I met over 150 artists from all over the country and exchanged best practices.” His works – a fiberglass sculpture and two murals of Kalpasutra received encouraging reactions at the festival.

The artist has set up his studio in Madhurawada in Visakhapatnam. “It’s where I like to spend most of the day. When your passion and purpose are aligned, it yields amazing results,” she explains.

In 2018, Shilpa participated in the Dubai Art Fair. “Art fairs have their own charm. This is where you can open up your ideas and bring in new perspectives,” she says.

So far, Shilpa has brought to life a number of paintings, murals and fiberglass sculptures. One of his works has also been installed at the Beach Road. Elaborating on the maintenance of fiberglass creations, Shilpa recommends a fresh coat of satin paint every two years. Asked about her future plans, the artist shared that she would like to open her own gallery and spread the joy of making sculptures around the world. “Furthermore, I aspire to participate in the India Art Fair“, summarizes Shilpa.

Previously, the artist from Visakhapatnam won an “Award of Excellence” from the Inner Wheel Club of Visakhapatnam and appreciation for his excellent service and performance in the field of art and sculpture from JCI, Vizag Smart.

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