School Art 2022 is displayed at the Esplanade

“With the size of the room and the great lighting here too, it’s great for people to see their artwork presented in a really professional way,” he says.

“So it’s a great way to make students feel like they’re in a real big art exhibit, which they are. So it’s great for them, great for their ego, great for their confidence. in them to feel like a real renowned artist like all the other artists who have passed through here.

There are approximately 600 pieces in the 2022 edition, ranging from acrylic paintings and pencil drawings to digital media and works in clay and soapstone.

Meller has been helping the show for a few years and believes the quality of the show has been high during this time thanks to supplies that are easier to access online.

“So it’s really good for students to have this multitude of options to explore these different mediums, you don’t have to be pigeonholed into a certain thing, a certain style of artwork,” says- he. “You don’t just have to do crayons or markers, you can try anything now and have a real feeling when you get up and past 11th and 12th grade by the time you head out into the big world .”

Meller adds that the teachers and students deserve a shoutout for putting on the show.

A reception and awards ceremony for students and their families is held on June 18. The exhibition runs until mid-August.

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