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Eyes emerge from an empty background. A young woman gazes into the distance, a smiling skull on her shoulder. Thick lines of paint, reminiscent of both graffiti and thought balloons, invade the scene.

In his stop-motion cartoon animation “A Portrait of Berenice Sarmiento Chávez” (2018), Los Angeles artist Hugo Crosthwaite traces the journey of an immigrant from Tijuana, Mexico, to the United States. The work, which won first prize in the fifth triennial Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, is currently featured in “The Outwin: American Portraiture Today”, shown this fall at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum at Washington University in St. Louis.

On Saturday, September 11, Crosthwaite will discuss her artistic practice at a free online conference with Taína Caragol, co-curator of “The Outwin” as well as curator for painting and sculpture and Latinx art and history at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, which is hosting the competition. Presented by the Kemper Art Museum’s ‘In Conversation’ series, the talk also marks the start of the fall public lecture series, sponsored by the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at WashU.

In total, the public lecture series will include 16 virtual and in-person events featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists, architects, designers and academics.

Jess T. Dugan will discuss their work at two conferences, September 18 and October 23. Pictured, “Collin at Sunset”, 2020, from “Currents 120: Jess T. Dugan”, at the Saint Louis Art Museum. (Photo courtesy of the artist and Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago; © Jess T. Dugan)

Events will continue on September 18, with Jess T. Dugan, Henry L. 2020-21 of Sam Fox School and Natalie E. Freund Teaching Fellow, discussing their fall exhibition “Currents” at the Saint Louis Art Museum. On September 20, Marcelo Spina, Founder of Los Angeles Architecture Firm PATTERNS, will join Sam Fox School’s Constance Vale, Assistant Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Architecture, and Robert McCarter, Professor of Architecture Ruth and Norman Moore , to discuss the book “Mute Icons & Other Dichotomies of the Real in Architecture” (2021), written by Spina and Georgia Huljich and edited by Vale.

On September 27, the Sam Fox School will host a panel discussion focusing on the Bonded Workers Memorial at the University of Virginia. The event will feature several project collaborators, including Eric Höweler and J. Meejin Yoon, co-directors of design firm Höweler + Yoon Architecture.

Architect and historian Kenneth Frampton, one of the world’s foremost experts in modernist architecture, will discuss the work of architect Paulo da Rocha on October 21. Pictured is Patriarch da Rocha Square in São Paulo, Brazil. (Photo courtesy of Sam Fox School)

Other talks will include artists Stephanie Syjuco (Oct 19), Taryn Simon with curator Ingrid Schaffner (Oct 27) and Cole Lu (Nov 17) as well as architects Kenneth Frampton (Oct 21) and Ken Tadashi Oshima (Nov 4), and a panel discussion on the book “Designing the Modern City: Urbanism Since 1850” (2018) by Eric P. Mumford of Sam Fox School, professor of architecture Rebecca and John Voyles (October 22). For a full list of events, see below.

The “In Conversation” series will continue on October 23 with artist Dugan and Outwin David Antonio Cruz speaking with Amber Johnson from the University of Saint Louis; November 2 with the round table “Colonizing the past: building the race in ancient Greece and Rome”; November 20 with artist Sheldon Scott from “The Outwin” speaking with Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw of the University of Pennsylvania; and on December 4th with “The Outwin” artists Deborah Roberts and Adrian Octavius ​​Walker speaking with Adrienne Davis from WashU.

All events are free and open to the public. Some will be hosted in person, in accordance with the university’s guidelines for events with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other events will be hosted online, with RSVP required; links will be provided via the Sam Fox School website closer to the event dates. For more information, call 314-935-9300 or visit

Renowned multimedia artist Taryn Simon, whose work ranges from portraits of wrongly condemned convicts to a monumental installation examining the rituals of mourning, will discuss her work on October 27. Pictured is Simon’s “A Cold Hole” (2018), which explores the plunge into cold water and public admiration in the digital age, housed at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, Massachusetts. (Courtesy of the artist)

Fall 2021 speakers
Hourly Central

11:11 Sep.
Artist Hugo Crosthwaite with curator Taína Caragol
Screening and artist talk
“In conversation” series
In line

Memorial to bonded laborers at the University of Virginia. (Photo: Alan Karchmer)

11:18 a.m.
Artist Jess T. Dugan
Lecture Henry L. and Natalie E. Freund lecturer
In connection with the Saint Louis Art Museum and the opening of “Currents 120. “
In line

6:20 p.m. Sep.
Architects Marcelo Spina and Constance Vale, and architectural historian Robert McCarter
“Silent icons and other dichotomies of reality in architecture”
Steinberg Auditorium

6:27 p.m. Sept.
Fumihiko Maki Lecture: UVA Memorial to Bonded Workers
With Eric Höweler and J. Meejin Yoon, Mabel O. Wilson, Frank Dukes, Gregg Bleam and Eto Otitigbe
Respondents: Henry Webber and Geoff Ward
In line

Stephanie Syjuco, “Chromakey Aftermath 1 (Flags, Sticks and Barriers)”, 2017. (Courtesy of the artist)

6 p.m. Oct. 7
Illustrator Richie Pope
Lecture by guest artist Henry L. and Natalie E. Freund
In line

6 p.m. October 19
Artist Stéphanie Syjuco
Arthur L. and Sheila Prensky Island Press Guest Artist Conference
Steinberg Auditorium

6 p.m. October 21
Architect and historian Kenneth Frampton
“Mendes da Rocha and the Space of the Apparition”
Conference Eugene J. Mackey Jr.
Steinberg Auditorium

1:30 p.m. October 22
Discussion on the publication of the faculty: “Designing the modern city: urban planning since 1850”
Author: Eric P. Mumford
Panelists: Shantel Blakely, Kenneth Frampton, Eric P. Mumford and Jennifer Yoos
Moderator: Robert McCarter
Reception 1pm | Book signing 5:15 p.m.

11 a.m. 23 October
Artists Jess T. Dugan and David Antonio Cruz with researcher and activist Amber Johnson
“In conversation” series
In line

6 p.m. October 27
Artist Taryn Simon and curator Ingrid Schaffner
Visiting conference by Bunny and Charles Burson
In line

6 p.m. November 2
Curator Kathryn Wilson with art historian Claudia Swan and literary scholar Margo Hendricks
“Colonizing the past: building the race in ancient Greece and Rome”
“In conversation” series
Steinberg Auditorium

6 p.m. on November 4
Architectural historian Ken Tadashi Oshima
Steinberg Auditorium

6 p.m. on November 12
Town planner Chelina Odbert
Kick-off conference for the informal cities workshop
Steinberg Auditorium

Cole Lu, “First Pylon,” 2021. Burnt Pine, Soyuz TM Aluminum. (Courtesy of the artist)

6 p.m. November 17
Artist Cole Lu
MFA Lecture Series
Steinberg Auditorium

11 a.m. 20 November
Artist Sheldon Scott with curator Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw
“In conversation” series
In line

11 a.m. on December 4
Artists Deborah Roberts and Adrian Octavius ​​Walker with Professor Adrienne Davis
“In conversation” series
In line

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