Netball training and fitness part of the app with content from athletes

Courtney Tairi in 2016 while playing Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic. Picture/file

Netball New Zealand (NNZ) has announced a new partnership with global netball digital and physical enablement agency Netfit Netball to launch Netfit NZ.

And former Bay of Plenty Magic players are in on the action.

The launch of Netfit NZ in New Zealand coincides with the return to play at elite and community level, with the bespoke Netfit NZ app providing digital content and free access to coaching and fitness videos.

These feature quality content from Laura Langman, Courtney Tairi and Netball World Cup winning coach Dame Noeline Taurua.

“The creation of the Netfit NZ app responds to netball’s need for a modern resource that provides the grassroots netball community with relevant, engaging and thought-provoking content from the best in the world,” said NNZ Managing Director Jennie Wyllie.

“Now more than ever, we are committed to working together, and Netfit NZ’s digital and physical programs complement the existing netball system in New Zealand and the Pacific to maximize a quality sports experience.”

Netfit Netball founder and former 12-season elite veteran Sarah Wall says she is proud of the latest evolution of Netfit thanks to the NNZ partnership.

“Entertainment is at the heart of everything we do and we are delighted to engage with the New Zealand netball community which is the heart of our sport,” said Sarah.

Courtney Tairi, who played for the Waikato Bay of Plenty, says the app’s content includes everything from netball drills and training tips, to nutrition, yoga and meditation.

“It’s a holistic approach to netball that can be used by athletes, coaches, parents, teachers, and anyone who wants to be active.”

She says she was thrilled to be part of the process to bring Netfit to New Zealand.

“I had been involved as a coach in Australia and knew it would be a great way to develop our grassroots levels in New Zealand and bring netball to the communities.”

Courtney says the app is a great resource because it has everything you need.

“If you’re a coach and you need a workout, this is it. Same if you’re an athlete, parent, teacher. Even if you need to go for a run or do a quick 15 minutes, that’s all there for you on the app.

“It’s our personal knowledge and experience as an athlete and coach combined in an app to share with everyone.”

Courtney says: “The Netfit team and I have been working on this for years and are delighted to bring Netfit NZ to everyone in New Zealand.

“We will be visiting local netball centers in New Zealand, hosting clinics, running online workouts and more.

“Be sure to come and join the Netfit community in person and on the app.”

She says netball, especially in these times when we have been isolated, is a great way to bring people together and give meaning to community.

“It’s a great way to be part of a team whether it’s playing or officiating and just getting out and being active together.

“For me, there is nothing better than being part of a netball team and club.”

To celebrate the launch of Netfit NZ, the Netfit NZ app will be free to download and access until May 1, giving all netballers, coaches and parents the opportunity to view world-class content ahead of the season.

• Download the Netfit NZ app from

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