Moms and preschoolers enjoy quality time at JCI Padawan’s BLEEP workshop

(From right) Chieng sees Chai presenting the donation from Leaves Food Industries to JCI Padawan members Yeo Tze Hui, Hon and Vincent Tang.

KUCHING (May 8): The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Padawan Chapter held a special workshop here this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Taking place at Reinforcements of the Monkey in Canaan Square, the ‘Business Ledging, Empowerment and Ecosystem Program (BLEEP): Episode 2 – DeTea Workshop’ was co-led by JCI Vice Presidents Padawan Hon Kah Fui (community) and Angel Chieng (companies).

Organized in collaboration with the management of the venue of the event and also with Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd, the workshop involved 20 young children from five kindergartens in the city, as well as their parents and guardians.

An interesting segment of the workshop focused on the history of Sarawak’s signature drink, ‘three-layered tea’, which included a session led by Leaves Food Industries Managing Director Alan Chai and his team, where each participant learned how to make this tea popular. to drink.

Along with the workshop, a memorandum of understanding on a business recovery program between the reinforcements of the monkey and leaf food industries was signed by their respective signatories, in the presence of JCI Padawan members.

This was followed by the presentation of a donation of RM2,000 to JCI Padawan of Leaves Food Industries as part of the latter’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“As they say, a mother is the beginning of everything. As such, we at JCI Padawan want to do something special for Mother’s Day this year.

“Among the greatest gifts a child can give their mother are memories and quality time spent with her.

“I must thank Miss Angela (Chieng) who is also the owner of Reinforcements of the Monkey, and Mr. Alan (Chai) of Leaves Food Industries, for their support and cooperation in making this workshop a fun, rewarding and memorable event. , and also as a beautiful bonding moment between children and their parents and guardians,” said Hon, who was the organizing chairman of the program.

Chieng (foreground, third from left), Hon on his left, and Chai, on his right, join other JCI Padawan members for a group photo with the young workshop participants and their parents.

Meanwhile, Chieng said the program is more than just a workshop on local drinks and the culture around them.

“The children had fun with their families, but beyond that, I felt that the mothers were also happy to see their little ones making new friends with other children during the workshop.

“I hope this program will encourage and inspire the community to be more active, more aware of our own culture and to value every memory created from it.

“We also hope this workshop will encourage more companies to collaborate with JCI Padawan,” said Chieng.

Created by JCI Padawan, BLEEP aims to empower young entrepreneurs to create and manage their businesses, through programs designed to provide development opportunities and encourage young entrepreneurs to create positive change.

“As many businesses are still in the recovery phase following the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit us over two years ago, BLEEP serves to enable young entrepreneurs and business owners to focus on the right basics. , adopting the most viable practices and having the right strategic partners,” said Hon.

Those interested in joining JCI Padawan or wishing to learn more about its activities, can contact the organization via Facebook (@JCI Padawan).

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