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Izushi agreed to an email interview because she just didn’t have time to meet in person the week before the art fair, she said. She had just returned from Japan and had a lot of work to prepare, not only for the art fair, but also for Madison-based Artful Home, where she sells her wearable art online.

“Selling work online is a new and very exciting experience for me,” said Izushi, who draws inspiration from both traditional and modern Japanese aesthetics in his designs.

His series of knitted paper yarns, for example, uses a unique material from Kyoto, Japan. Other materials include 100% cotton yarn, paper and silk stainless steel, fashioned on a manual knitting machine. Her clothes are often “reversible”, so they can be worn in different ways.

Izushi created this knit mattress topper with paper yarn from Japan.


Born in Toyko, Izushi studied fashion design at Musashino Art University before working in the garment industry and eventually moving to Madison. Today, she exhibits at major national craft shows such as the Smithsonian Craft Show and the American Craft Exhibition.

“I usually do about 10 shows a year,” she said. “In February 2020, I attended the American Craft Council show in Baltimore. Sadly, right after the show, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. I heard that the convention center (the site of the show) had been turned into a temporary hospital. … It was heartbreaking, and I hope everyone was able to recover.

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