Loan consolidation loans -Top consolidation loan: approved in seconds

We are well aware of how difficult it is to pay off several installments resulting from your financial obligations. A car loan, a cash loan or a card limit make it difficult to remember about subsequent payments. A consolidation loan for debtors, offered by Crystal, comes with the help. The possibility of returning only one installment per month, lower than the amount repaid so far, will give us financial comfort and a peaceful head. To apply for a consolidation loan, you only need 18 years of age and the creditworthiness that the bank checks when applying for debt consolidation. The procedure of applying for a loan itself has been shortened to a minimum.

Top consolidation loan: approved in seconds 

The top consolidation loan offered by gives the possibility of total repayment of the debt held so far and settlement of only one installment per month. The maximum amount of the financial liability is PLN 200,000 and the loan term up to 10 years. APRC is 16.7% and the fixed interest rate is close to 8.9%. Due to the numerous branches of the bank, this loan is easily available. To apply for it, simply submit the following documents:

  • ID card
  • documents confirming the source and amount of income (contract of employment, commission, pension, retirement, business activity)
  • credit and loan agreements and the latest proofs of payment of installments for liabilities

Additionally, if the applicant uses the loan offer together with the spouse/spouse, it increases the chance of getting a higher loan amount. The obligation repayment day is tailored to the client’s needs, he can choose the person who prefers to pay the loan installment at the beginning or at the end of the month.

A consolidation loan with additional cash, or the possibility of obtaining up to PLN 200,000 for 10 years with a minimum of formalities.

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