Face the January slope with money loans

A new year begins and with it we are faced with a series of expenses that in many cases exceed our capacity to solve them. This is completely normal and is largely due to the fact that, in January, the prices of services and products rise, since this is the period in which the annual payments for taxes have to be made, in addition to the fact that during the end of the year we spend more than expected on gifts and celebrations. It is for this reason that a large number of people require loans of money, this being the only viable option to have the liquidity they need at the beginning of the year.

Annual payments for taxes have to be made

However, as is well known, there are very few people who can be candidates for a loan granted by a banking institution, due to the series of requirements they request that are, by the gross of the population, impossible to meet. If at this beginning of the year you are going through economic problems, we invite you to continue reading, because in Scapin we have an option to solve them.

The pledge credit modality arises as an alternative for all those people who for some reason do not meet the requirements requested by banking institutions to be candidates for money loans. Under this modality, any person can receive an amount of money in exchange for an object left as a guarantee for the payment of the loan granted. For decades this has been the best solution for thousands of people who face situations that require economic solvency, because the requirements requested are minimal and there is no long waiting time to obtain the loan, unlike what happens with a bank.

It is precisely because of the high demand for these services that today there are many credit establishments, so it is not difficult to find one that can be used at a time of need. However, the type of garments they accept in each of them is different, as are the terms and conditions of service, payment terms and applicable interests. For this reason we recommend that before choosing the place where you commit your belongings, you will be informed about the type of service they offer and always look for the one that gives you the greatest benefits.

The amount granted as a loan depends on the value of the pledge

Under the pledge method, the amount granted as a loan depends on the value of the pledge that is left unsecured and the possibilities it has to reintegrate into the market. Therefore, specialized personnel are responsible for valuing the garments according to the state they are in, the price they have in the market and taking into account how easy it could be put on sale again, because in case the person to whom it has been Once the loan is granted, it does not comply with the payments within the established term, the pledge is usually put up for sale so that the pawnshop does not have losses.

As expected, people seek to obtain the highest possible loan amount, so the type of objects most commonly involved are jewelry, appliances, tools and electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers and tablets. However, it is possible to pledge practically anything that may have a market value, including books and collectibles, although of course the type of objects admitted and the value assigned to them vary from one pawnshop to another.

One of the objects for which you can get a higher loan amount are cars, and although there are currently many places where they are accepted as a pledge, few are those that offer benefits that are really convenient, so we recommend you compare your options At Scapin we grant money loans under the pledge form for car loans and, unlike our competitors in the market, we offer many benefits to our customers, which is why we are one of the best alternatives you can find.

The vehicle undergoes an appraisal process to determine the amount that can be granted as a loan

Car pawn works in the same way as other objects. That is, the vehicle undergoes an appraisal process to determine the amount that can be granted as a loan and is left as a pledge to guarantee the payment of the loan. In some institutions it is requested that the car be left in its facilities or restrictions of use be conditioned, and it is precisely here where Scapin offers excellent benefits.

When obtaining a loan for pawning your car with Scapin you do not have to suspend the use of your vehicle during the period of the loan. The way in which we support ourselves and ensure that our clients will make the payment for the credit granted is installing a geo locator in the vehicle to know its location until the moment in which the debt is settled.

Another advantage we offer is that our service is at home. What we mean by this is that it is not necessary that you go with your vehicle directly to our facilities to request the loan, we go to your home. When requesting our services, one of our agents can visit you directly at your home to evaluate the car, and once all the documents we requested have been delivered as a requirement, and after approving the loan, the agent returns to visit you to do the installation of the geo locator and conclude the process. In the same way, at the moment you liquidate your loan, it will visit you to remove the geo locator of your car.

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