DIACOLOR, India’s leading jewelry brand, partners with India Art Fair 2022 to showcase a collection of responsibly sourced gemstones along with works by eco-artist Natalia Kapchuk

New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsSee) As all roads lead to the capital to celebrate the country’s biggest festival of art and culture, the India Art Fair’22, DIACOLOR, a luxury jewelry brand from foreground, joins the fair as a luxury partner. Showcasing the wonderful world of art and rare gemstones, this year the brand presents timeless jewelry that boasts of responsibly mined and mined gemstones. Holding a retrospective of unique gemstones and jewelry, DIACOLOR will showcase the rarest natural heatless gemstones transformed into beautiful jewelry. Demonstrating DIACOLOR’s global partnership, there will also be an exhibition of iconic watch brands such as Graff, de-Grisogono and Faberge. Celebrating the wonders offered by mother nature, DIACOLOR partners with philanthropist, conservationist and eco-artist Natalia Kapchuk to showcase her artwork in conscious collaboration. Illustrating the majesty and wonder of planet Earth, these artworks powerfully evoke the feeling of natural wonders in his works, illustrating the need for environmental appreciation, protection and awareness, using a variety of unique mediums such as resin, reclaimed woods and plastic. , metal grains, natural stones and crystals, diamond dust, etc. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rishabh Tongya, Creative Director of DIACOLOR, said, “At DIACOLOR, we celebrate the precious offerings of mother nature and our goal is not only to explore these offerings, but also to make account to nature. Conscious efforts to source gemstones responsibly are our small steps towards reimbursing mother nature. While we focus on creating distinctive designs, we also remain focused on showcasing the beauty and awe of our planet for the masses to see through creative expressions, thus this collaboration with art from Natalia was organic. Art has a way of piercing the soul, of speaking to those places that we often lock away. Through the power of my art, I want to open those doors, discover emotions and glimmers of hope that there is always a possibility to improve the environmental state of our beloved planet”, artist, Natalia Kapchuk . Featuring timeless creations cut in precious metals and majestic stones like Mozambican rubies, Zambian emeralds, natural heatless sapphires, DIACOLOR’s creations will be accompanied by works Ice Shelter (2020) and Heart of the Ocean (2021). Inspired by the remarkable Himalayan Mountains, also known as the world’s “third pole”, Ice Shelter (2020) depicts the fragility of the Himalayan glaciers, which are melting at an unprecedented rate. Similarly, Heart of the Ocean (2021) also focuses on the growing concern of rising temperatures. In her creation, artist Natalia Kapchuk depicts the gruesome results left for future generations, emphasizing the importance of preserving our precious “polar ice kingdoms”. A fitting stage to maximize attention to masterful craftsmanship and earth awareness and protection, the DIACOLOR Fine Contemporary Jewels booth, complemented by Natalia Kapchuk’s environmentally-focused artworks, will occupy the IAF world stage. REP REP

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