Crypto Art Island brings leading artists to Gibraltar, 29 April – 4 May 2022, Xapo Bank, Gibraltar

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Crypto Art Island, Europe’s first-ever NFT art fair, is taking place in Gibraltar from April 29 to May 4, 2022, showcasing the world’s top crypto artists.

Crypto Art Island is a veritable who’s who of NFT artists creating a real buzz in the crypto art world, with a slew of stunning and unique pieces up for auction to build or start a collection.

—Joelle Dinnage

GIBRALTAR, GIBRALTAR, SPAIN, April 26, 2022 / — Island of crypto art, Europe’s first-ever NFT art fair, is taking place in Gibraltar this week, showcasing leading crypto artists from around the world. The event features an outstanding gallery of physical and digital art from some of the best and most collected artists in the crypto art scene.

From Friday 29th April to Wednesday 4th May 2022, the headquarters of Gibraltar’s historic Xapo Bank will transform into an incredible interactive setting offering buyers and collectors the opportunity to view and purchase works from top digital artists and creators.

The highlight of the event will be an NFT auction where works by more than 26 world-renowned artists will be put under the hammer, with works displayed for sale on large format NFT screens specially designed for the event.

Each coin will be for sale using ETH and MetaMask Wallet technology which guarantees an authenticated and signed version of the digital asset, providing proof of ownership, provenance and a set of smart contracts. In addition to taking place live, the NFT sales will also take place online.

“As NFT art continues to take the world by storm, interest in building a collection has never been greater, both among seasoned collectors and those who dip their toes in water. for the first time,” says Crypto Art Island co-founder and award-winning entrepreneur and international art dealer Joëlle Dinnage.

“Crypto Art Island brings together some of the most exciting and innovative artists working in space, in new and engaging ways, making it both simple and safe as well as completely thrilling to find and acquire a piece mistress.

“The art fair lineup reads like a veritable who’s who of NFT artists who are creating a real buzz in the crypto art world, and there will be a slew of amazing and unique pieces up for auction to build or start a collection,” she continues.

“With investors and collectors from all over the world joining the auction in person and online, this is truly an unmissable opportunity to see and acquire something amazing.”

Highlights of artists at Crypto Art Island include:

JAVIER ARRÉS – leading crypto-artist known for his hyper-detailed works, intricate cities and machines and visual toys, impossible fantasy gif-arts.

GALA MIRISSA – one of the greatest digital artists of the 21st century and the most influential Hispanic women in the cryptocurrency industry.

EDWARD HOPLEY – photographer documenting a cocktail of individual tastes ranging from contemporary minimalism and industrial chic to opulence and the historic.

REKA NYARI – explores traditional ideals of beauty and gender to portray sexuality from a predominantly female point of view.

JOYART – an art that is much more than visual with a touch of inherent energy that activates expansion in all self-expressions.

ÓSCAR CARRASCO – photographic works of abandoned places often clandestinely infiltrated before disappearing.

ALEJANDRO PEREIRA – traditional and digital sculptor moving into cryptographic art with digital sculptural works in NFT.

GALLARDO SUCH – in his illustrative works, comic culture merges with the sensuality and ostentation typical of the Baroque.

MAX MITENKOV – film artist and illustrator, VFX and game illustrator, his main skills are Keyframe Concept Art and Environment.

HOWARD HARRIS – approaches the photographic image in a truly unconventional way.

NACHO RIESCO – digital sculptor focusing on organic jewelry designs and nature inspired jewelry themed pieces.

STALKER – exploring different artistic languages ​​with a distinctly avant-garde experimental and collaborative character.

YELENA YORK – a visual artist producing exquisite, detailed work using markers to create pieces resembling brush paintings.

MARCO OGGIAN – simple shapes and bold colors highlight critical, controversial and social issues in posters and prints.

PINK F!CTION – NFTs in collaboration with fellow artist Dan Broekman, in a work showing how amazing our world is.

JUANMA ESPINOSA – creator of animated illustrations and storyboards for films and animated series.

ANNA AMGREN – paint an automatic drawing with eyes closed and import the draft to the computer for processing and animation.

CAROL CARPENTER – intuitive painter using experimental processes and a saturated palette to create vivid organic works of art.

DUTCHIE DINNAGE – inspiring eight-year-old newcomer, youngest crypto artist, showcasing NFT monster creations.

Crypto Art Island, Xapo Bank, One Grand Casemates Square, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA.

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