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THOMASVILLE – The City of Thomasville will be reviewing the regulation of murals in the city – but this will give those affected time to have their say.

The members of the city council adopted on first reading an ordinance imposing a moratorium on murals. But an emergency resolution that would have gone into effect immediately for 180 days failed when it failed to secure a super majority, which means four of the five votes from council members.

Council members first broached the subject during their workshop on September 8. Board member David Hufstetler was not present at the workshop and participated by phone in Monday evening’s board meeting. He voted against the emergency ordinance and without council member Jay Flowers the measure failed.

“I toured the city. I just don’t see the big deal, ”Hufstetler said.

Hufstetler said he counted four murals on businesses.

“I don’t see the sky falling, so to speak,” he said.

Hufstetler said he would like to have a few weeks between votes, rather than doing the two votes together for an emergency resolution, in order to leave time for comments.

“I have a strong tendency towards private property rights,” he said. “If we did it in two readings, it would also give us the opportunity to get feedback from those affected. “

Had the emergency resolution prevailed, it would have put in place an immediate 180-day moratorium on murals. This time, City Attorney Tim Sanders said, it would give city staff time to research the problem and see if there is a better way to regulate the problem.

Hufstetler said the initial discussion also took little time in a workshop that lasted over an hour last week.

“It’s almost literally the first time I’ve heard of it,” he said.

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