‘Beyond Words’ exhibition at Ullapool Art Gallery An Talla Solais explores an intriguing relationship through the eyes of Karen Beattie, Marcas Mac an Tuarneir and Rachel McClure

The work “Readers, Digest” by Karen Beattie presented in the exhibition

Ullapool-based visual arts center An Talla Solais has launched a new exhibition Tharis Faclan/Beyond Words, which explores the relationship between art and words.

The exhibition will feature three artists, Karen Beattie, Marcas Mac an Tuarneir and Rachel McClure.

The inspiration behind An Talla Solais’ new exhibition was the concept of “translating poetry into visual form”.

Each artist works with text in their works in different ways.

An Talla Solais said: “We hope to create a conversation between works of art that would not usually appear side by side, and through this exhibition words will take on a new dimension. An Talla Solais seeks to show the depth of beauty and meaning within. words, but also the possibility within the visual arts, breaking the boundaries of traditional art exhibitions. Beyond Words / Thairis Faclan will include film, audio, photography and painting.

The exhibition will feature works by local artist Karen Beattie, who explore “what it’s like to live now, amidst the excess of consumption and commodification, information and misinformation of the 21st century”.

Moray-based artist Rachel McClure has a series of plaster and cast works, for which she recently won a prestigious award at the RSA New Contemporaries exhibition.

The concept behind much of McClure’s work stems from the 2020 lockdown. Inspired by her daily walks and cold water swims during lockdown, her work seeks to capture the journey.

Award-winning artist Marcas Mac an Tuairneir creates a series of visual poems in Gaelic exploring the relationship between poetry and film. By combining text with visual art, Mac an Tuairneir believes that “you don’t have to understand the words to understand the meaning, like a child following a picture book he can’t read”. The exhibition will present bilingual film-poems.

The curator of the exhibition, Victoria Caine, says that “by delving into the art of text, we hope to discover the multifaceted beauty of letters and truly go beyond words”.

The exhibition will be presented in the windows of West Argyle Street in Ullapool, until July 22 and online at antallasolais.org.

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