Art for the future: Banksy prints a secure bold statement and a lucrative investment

He is anonymous. He is going against the grain. And ultimately, he’s a troublemaker. What’s not to love about Banksy? His contempt for anything institutional is admirable. Her ability to find beauty in ugliness runs deep. And who isn’t continually amused by its subtle digs against the very establishment it emanates from?

From the beginnings of freehand graffiti in Bristol, England in the late 1990s, Banksy has preserved his charm in the mystery of his works, an elusive character that equates to popularity and, in the long run, dizzying returns. .

What other artist can recklessly destroy their own works in front of a dazed auction crowd and immediately add over A $ 25 million to the value of their work?

Thursday, Banksy’s Love is in the trash sold for A $ 34.3 million at a Sotheby’s auction in London – the most valuable work ever sold by the Bankys to sell under the hammer – is 20 times more than the expected sale value of 6 million Australian dollars.

Sotheby’s auctioneer Oliver Barker accepts offers for Banksy’s Love is in the trash | Source: Sotheby’s via Barron’s

So what exactly gives a work of art such value? And how big is the art investment industry?

In 1990, world art sales reached A $ 14.3 billion. But in 2019, the sector grew by more than 6% from 2018, topping A $ 67.4 billion in sales.

Around the world, the United States, Great Britain and China are the leaders in the global artistic division. Globally, the United States dominates this market, with an estimated market share of 44%, reaching A $ 29.9 billion in sales in 2018 alone.

The UK reported 21 percent of that estimated market share, while China was in third place, with 19 percent of industry-wide revenue.

When we take a look at Australia, cultural activity employs nearly 600,000 people and contributes nearly A $ 111 billion to Australia’s GDP, or 6%, to the art sector. realizing A $ 4.2 billion in reported sales for 2018.

This type of capital makes art a worthy – and tasteful – investment for connoisseurs.

This meteoric rise in prices rubs shoulders with a cult audience. The subject of academic articles and eye-catching headlines, its creative expression continues to push the boundaries of what is considered art – and what discerning collectors are willing to pay for.

According to several artistic reports, Banksy’s annual total for the first time exceeded A $ 100 million in 2021.

His cynical but hopeful stance achieves what no other artist of our time does – while poking fun at his audience. Despite his blatant contempt for the traditional elite of the art market, he is enjoying wild success and paradoxically collected by said subjects of contempt, which allowed the British artist to take a new step last week.

It’s the combination of anti-establishment stunts, thought-provoking slogans, striking imagery, often dark humor, and an intriguing secret that grabs the world’s attention. Even in an age when anything, and everyone, can be searched online, his elusive identity, supported by political and satirical themes, is attracting worldwide interest.

It’s a controversial and contradictory recipe that keeps a rise showing no signs of slowing down. Banksy is a rule-breaking phenomenon, but at heart a true supporter of philanthropy. His Game changer sketch marked another new record this year, raising A $ 31.7 for the NHS at its auction at Christie’s 20th Century Art Evening Sale in London on March 23, 2021.

Banksy Game changer raised A $ 31.7 million for the NHS | Source: wide walls

Simply put, Banksys is aging well. Although a true representation of the times – ironically, his works have become timeless. Whether it is the artist’s paintings, stencils, sprays or prints, the arts remain relevant due to his disregard for profitability or acceptance – likely due to the basis in a underground domain often illegal in nature.

To this day, when a Banksy piece goes on sale, there’s an instant buzz. A ripple runs through waves of fans eager to find their own piece of, what will ultimately become, art history.

In Australia, getting your hands on a Banksy print is as elusive as the artist himself. It’s not just about adding a bold statement to your art collection, it’s about ensuring a long-term investment.

Lyons Gallery presents the exclusive chance to own Banksy prints in Australia featuring popular pieces including Bombing of central England, Toxic Marie, the Tenner Di-Faced and Devolved parliament. Ordered prints are a powerful centerpiece with a unique perspective on future earnings.

This amazing Banksy print hand signed and numbered in pencil is an exclusive 30 of 150 edition. The high quality full color silkscreen print is on wove paper with full margins measuring 57.8 x 76.8 cm. The work, originally created for Banksy’s iconic American exhibition, Barely legal in 2006, portrayed a group of people at a music festival lining up to buy t-shirts.

Banksy Destroy Capitalism Lyon Gallery Print
Banksy Destroy capitalism Print | Source: My art broker

The Banksy banknotes first put into circulation in 2004 became an instant classic, with the British Museum acquiring its own Tenner Di-Faced invoice in 2019. This color offset lithograph on 2005 paper is hand signed COA de Dope! UK Gallery.

Banksy Di face Tenner Lyons Gallery Lithograph
Banksy Tenner Di-Faced Lithograph | Source: My art broker

When Banksy is Devolved parliament painting was on display for the first time at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery in Banksy vs. Bristol Museum exhibition, the show attracted more than 300,000 people. The artist’s largest canvas work is now available as a full-color framed offset lithograph on smooth wove paper from Galerie Lyons.

Banksy Devolved Parliament Lyon Gallery Print
Banksy Devolved parliament Print | Source: My art broker

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