All Region Arts Award Winners Named for 2022

Red and yellow painted abstract art backgrounds.

This candidate has supported more arts and cultural organizations in Saginaw than you can count. Her decades of support include member contributions, volunteerism, numerous board appointments, and a longtime subscriber to the Saginaw Choral Society and the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra, rarely missing a concert. This nominee has been an invaluable and essential part of the success of the Saginaw Arts and Enrichment Commission, from serving soup at the Holiday Art Fair to serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors and later secretary. She is a true champion of the arts in our community.

Please congratulate Suzanne Mason as the winner of the 2022 All Area Arts Award.

This gentleman is recognized as a leader for his service in raising awareness of our vibrant Hispanic community and his contribution to the fabric of our region.

He started MiGente Magazine, focusing on Hispanic culture in 1995, where he continues as an editor and writer, now with around 330 issues published. He’s taken MiGente to the airwaves, broadcasting Sunday nights on WSGW and is the director of La Union Civica Mexicana, a cultural, educational and advocacy group, organizing several cultural events in addition to the long-running Cinco De Mayo festival and parade. Among his many accomplishments are founding the Adalante Awards celebrating Latin American achievement and the Saginaw Hispanic Hall of Fame which has so far honored ten Latin American pioneers.

Please congratulate Larry Rodarte as the winner of the 2022 All Area Arts Award.

This Saginaw star has impacted hundreds of thousands of adults and children for many years with her resources and programming. They have proven that even during a pandemic, their service to the community will not waver. They answered the call by pivoting their programming and finding new ways, using new platforms to serve their customers. Several online programs, including children’s story times, craft classes, book clubs and a new “Take and Make” art of gathering kit, were implemented as outreach services non-traditional, while continuing their exemplary global service.

This organization is truly a pillar in the community providing resources, education, entertainment, training and fun in Saginaw.

Please congratulate Saginaw Public Libraries as the winner of the 2022 All Area Arts Award.

This person is a long-time visual arts educator, curator, and award-winning artist. Recently retired from Studio23/The Arts Center in Bay City, she has helped countless artists through her Artist Collective program focused on workshops, talks and networking opportunities for artists. She and her husband started Art Ladders: The Creative Climb video podcast interview series highlighting the artist’s process and development. During the COVID-19 shutdown, she took people on guided tours of art exhibitions at Studio 23 and did many video tours with artists in their homes showing their art collections, art studios and their historic homes. She has performed in many invitational shows regionally and nationally. This week, we find her in residence in Port Austin, where she received a grant to create this summer. As an artist, his contributions to the artist community are unparalleled and his stature well known throughout our region, state and nationally.

Please congratulate Valerie Allen as the winner of the 2022 Great Lakes Bay Regional Arts Award.

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